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Dream Whisperer Series

Thousand years old pact

Session One

H is a talented artist. She hasn’t worked on her art for quite a while since she’s always feeling sick, over sensitive to everything - Food, environment as well as emotions. She often feels her left side of body doesn’t belong to her. She pointed out to me that her left hand always curled inwards in front of her chest while the right hand waved around naturally as she talked. She was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome so she’s a bit worried whether she could stand a 3 hour long session. 

Healing has been a long journey for H. She has done many healing works in the past so she sensed some fragments of past lives, like unfinished puzzle pieces. She always visions this bold old guy right beside her. Under deep trance, I asked her to visualize this bold guy, she said yes, “He’s right beside me, sitting on a stool.” His name is Arbo - Later on, she told me she knew his name a long time ago and once she checked on online dictionaries and found out this name in Germany means someone who’s both family and strangers. 

So I called Arbo up front to talk. She changed into another strange tone with a British accent and said “Yes, I’m here.” He has been with H since two or three thousand years ago. She could see a big stone building, lots of pillars, in ancient Egypt. She was a long-beard middle-aged man in a long white robe. Arbo looked the same. They were connected by an esoteric pact. They brushed dust away with their hands and put a piece of paper, like a map, on top of a big stone while talking. It seems there was something related to her spiritual growth. That’s how they were bound together. 

Arbo was unwilling to let H go. He said he could help H to fulfill her soul’s mission and it’s especially important in this life, despite, as I stated, how much negative impact he had caused because the two souls conflicted with the energy field residing in one body. So I asked to talk to H again, she also said she needed the help from Arbo. So there was a negotiation back and forth among 3 of us. Eventually we reached the agreement that Arbo will continuously assist H for her mission but not in her body - Arbo will find his own body, have his own life and help H as an individual, like a friend or mentor. He finally let go and raised to the light. 

She was sitting on my chair for over 3 hours with no complaints and she felt much lighter immediately after the session. 

Session Two

This is the second time H came to me. She’s a blonde lady who’s been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. She also had a lot of fears. She felt significant improvement on her energy level from her last session a month ago. She also mentioned that she had 5 dreams after her session that started as nightmares as she always had which she was chased after or in dangerous situations,  but eventually turned out good, and she was safe. Subconscious mind has an interesting way to show her symbolically that it’s okay to face the fears, that she has the power to overcome fears. 

This time we went through 2 past lives. The first one she was a haggard Japanese guy. He stood in an empty house, feeling reminiscent. Backward in time he was a poor young guy who was falling in love with a rich and beautiful girl. He tried so hard to please the girl and her family for most of his life. After the wife died he retrieved his simple life but felt so lost, never had any joy in life. He died alone at old age. She felt the deep sadness as the soul left that body - “He spent all his life to please others and do whatever other people expect him to do. He never had a chance to be himself and do whatever he wanted. He didn’t even get to know what he wanted in his life. What a waste!” Back into the light, she received love from the higher realms and she brought the love back to the guy to heal that deep sadness of feeling lost, and felt a profound relief. 

Her subconscious lately showed her many times about this Japanese guy - That’s one of the reasons she came back to me. Apparently her subconscious is pushing her to find her purpose. 

Next I asked her subconscious to take her to a life that directly related to her pain and empty feeling on her left side of the body. She became a middle-aged army officer with a red wool uniform. There was a medal on the uniform, which she gave me a detailed description of. She said it’s hard to tell the time but definitely earlier than WWII. He was a career soldier who started young with idealistic passion and his passion faded away completely with years of meaningless death and killing. He had a feeling that he wouldn't be back alive. The war was almost coming to an end. He was riding on a horse and all of sudden a flash in front of his eyes, maybe a mine or bomb, and next he couldn’t feel himself anymore. The soul raised up and saw the guy’s left side was completely gone, scattered around everywhere, only half of the body left lying on the ground. The soul felt deeply guilty toward the dead and angry toward wars. It’s a collective conscience towards violence, so we pray for peace, and wish for a world without any violence and wars. 

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