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Dream Whisperer Series


Today’s client is an art therapist. She came to me for her visions - She saw herself standing still in the middle of a white, milky pond, feeling calm and peaceful. She likes to know more about this picture. She also mentioned that she has self-doubt, not trusting herself regardless how much she knew she could do it.

Under the trance, she saw herself standing in the middle of a briny pond with white water and lily pads, many people chanting around the pond and there were roots growing out from her feet and hands. She felt happy and calm. She saw trees and grass growing all over the land. She was so excited and almost shouting “I'm Gaia, mother of Earth!” Her job is to provide more greens to people and all living things on Earth.

Close to the end of the session, I asked the Higher Mind about her self-doubt. She said she saw a cobra, and it expanded to the past-life story that she was a young dark-skinned guy in ancient Egypt, who’s only job was to bring Cobras to Pharaoh for his pleasure. He had a loving wife and kid and also had a dream to become an artist. But he had no choice but to deal with dangerous snakes everyday since that’s his father’s business before and now it passed to him. And he saw all the cobras he brought in got killed. He was very depressed. Eventually he was killed by a cobra.

Her conscious mind joined in and said she used to imagine seeing snakes all the time when she was young and dismissed by her parents and all their criticism made her stop trusting on what she sees and how she feels. That’s where the self-doubt came from. Her Higher Conscious is so brilliant to show her the source of her issue!

Coming out of the trance, she said she got much more than what she expected from the session.

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