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Dream Whisperer Series

Counsellor's puzzles

She’s a counsellor. She felt there are blocks toward both her career and personal life, and she believed there must have something to do with her past lives. She liked to know the connection with her close family and friends. She’s also interested in integrating hypnosis into her own practice. So she likes to try hypnosis with me. 

It started with a young guy who escaped from the war draft - He hates wars and any violence. He witnessed how his father abused his mother and felt guilty for not being able to protect his mother. He went far far away and lived in the woods by himself all his life - He knew he had a bad temper, he felt the tendency of violence in his blood and he didn’t want to hurt anyone so he chose to be by himself. When the soul left the body, the soul expressed the belief that “men are dangerous.” 

Then she quickly went to the second past life where she’s a young girl born into a wealthy family. The parents were too busy, they barely had time with her. She spent most of her childhood with a nanny. Next she got married and eagerly left her home and moved to a new town. She didn’t feel too much love for her husband, but enjoyed the comfort and freedom that came with the marriage. As the excitement faded away, her husband went back to his busy job and barely had time for her. She wanted to be involved but didn’t know how. All day long she’s by herself doing house chores. She started to feel bored and resentful. Luckily later she had two beautiful babies. She gave all her love and attention to the kids. Later in life she saw herself sitting on a wheelchair - Typical issue for someone who could have reached further than what he/she did. The moment she passed, the soul had a deep guilty feeling. She said she trained her daughter to be her companion so she wouldn’t feel lonely. Her daughter never had her own life besides being her companion. She had no complaints, but that was supposed to be her daughter's lesson to learn - The lesson about how to be herself. She felt so guilty to play the role against her daughter’s soul mission. 

I asked her to see into the eyes of everyone in the family in this past life. She said the husband was her grandpa in this life, who had abused her when she was young. I sensed there's a forgiveness issue, though I’m not sure if she’s ready to deal with this yet since she’s a bit reluctant to reveal that part of the history. The nanny was her best friend in this life. The son was her mother in this life, and the daughter was her sister, who had committed suicide years ago. So I brought her to meet her sister in spirit form. She had a profound understanding about her sister’s death - Two lives, and she failed again in this life on the way to learn to be herself. She also sensed that her sister is resting in the higher realm now and not ready yet to come back and try it again. 

To answer her question regarding her interest toward any cult or fundamentalist culture. I brought her to another life, where she was a daughter of a polygamy family in a farm community. Her father was a hypocritical leader of this small community, who had 12 wives and countless children. She hated her father, hated this suffocating place. But at age 14, she never knew any other choices. So when her father asked her to get married to an older guy, she “accidentally” fell into a well and ended her life - Her final rebellion.

She realized the father in that life was her grandpa again. It seems there was a theme throughout the 3 past lives as well as this life. Her words were “Men are evil, men are dangerous.” Into the light she began to understand forgiveness is a big lesson for her in this life - Only when she forgives, she can move forward and build real connection with others, especially men, so she can attract the right person to her and build a healthy and meaningful relationship. It seemed this forgiveness is beyond just toward her grandpa but toward the whole male collective. By now I knew that she’s ready to forgive, so I helped her to process the emotion release.

Under the presence of Higher Mind, she received the message about her career - She’s on the right path as a healer. She should learn more about building connections. It doesn’t matter which forms of therapy she chooses or how she should carry on with her practice, as long as she has the right connections, she will be successful in her career.  

She came out of the trance feeling marvelous as well as overwhelmed. She said that was beyond her expectation and she had a lot to think about. It always amazes me that the subconscious seems to have its own agenda - It always knows what the client needs to work on despite what's in the client's conscious mind. In my regression hypnosis, the subconscious will always take clients to the right place. 

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