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Dream Whisperer Series

Warrior Complex

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

She’s an actor - Dark complexion, Afro curly hair and green eyes. Inspired by Dolores Cannon’s books and YouTubes, she was on the way to discover her own spirituality. That’s how she found me - She wanted to try QHHT to find her life purpose. She said oftentimes she felt empty when she thought about the future.

The stories came out easy - She started past life memories when I asked her to describe her best place. A woman in her 30’s standing on the beach with her husband - She felt sad since she wanted to leave the husband. She loved him but he’s abusive and controlling. For her, freedom is the most important thing in her life. She tried to leave him many times in vain - He wouldn’t let her go. Eventually she felt weak and dead. Her husband was around her deathbed.

Then she told me “I think I made it up.” I gently said it’s okay and let’s keep going. The next story was up right away - She’s a big strong guy dressed like a gladiator marching in the woods with many others dressed like him. He’s the leader and they are going to attack the other kingdom and take over their land since they don’t like that king. They won the war and he stayed in the new land as the protector to the people. Later on he was beheaded since he was helping some people seeking justice toward the rich and powerful.

She said again, “I think I made all these up.” For people who learn about past life memories, sometimes they got an idea about what a past life memory should be like and during hypnosis they try to validate that idea. That never works since the memory comes from our subconscious is way beyond our conscious understanding. I asked her, “ How do you feel right now?” “Frustrated.” She’s frowning. I gently nudged her, ” It’s okay, no worry, it’s all part of the process. Whatever you think the past life memories should be, or whatever frustration you are having, it’s all in your conscious mind. Remember we said we need to let it go? So why not try to open yourself up? When you feel frustrated, your conscious mind tries to take control, don’t let it, be patient with yourself. Your subconscious is very gentle, no judgment, everything is natural…. “ I kept going with more deepeners, next moment…..She fell asleep. I lightly touched her shoulder to bring her back. By then she seemed much calmer. Next she went to another past life.

She was a male scientist. He developed a cure which can benefit the whole of humanity but that offends the big Pharms. They put a lot of pressure on him through the government but he still kept working on the cure until its final stage. He understood the risk but disregarded it with his faith. Eventually he was killed by poisonous injection to his neck while he was working in the lab. But the soul knew he already left the final results to a close friend who will publish it once he dies. His faith is stronger than his wish to live.

After that I tried to bring out her Higher Mind. She stuck again, nothing came out. I think she also had an idea on what her Higher Mind should be like, and that got in the way of opening herself up for clear channeling. So I took a detour. I asked her to give me a picture about her life in 10 years. It seems she’s very visual and the picture is the way to get around her conscious thinking. She said she’s standing tall in a big courtroom, eloquent and radiant. She represented a large group of people to fight against the small group of elites who take control of some kind of limited resource. “It has to be done.” She used this same phrase in every one of her past lives. She saw herself leading many others to fight for fairness in every way possible and she’s proud of it. I asked if she can see the results, she shake her head.

Now looking back to all these past lives, with all the similar patterns, she started to understand what is, has always been, her life purpose - Fight for freedom, fight for justice, fight for the benefit of humanity, and they all connect to the future - Fight for fairness of sharing resources. Her soul is a warrior. A warrior to fight for a cause, whatever that cause is, by whatever it takes, in many cases, her life…More dots started to connect to each other - Her being an actor to develop more influence, her upbringing with a single father to cultivate masculine energy as a powerful leader. Everything around her was conditioning her toward her soul mission.

Coming out of the trance, she sighed, “That’s not what I have in mind for the future... But I guess if the things need to be done, someone has to do it!”

Bon voyage, brave warrior! Wish you luck this time.


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