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Dream Whisperer Series

Space Traveler

I had a fascinating session with Ann yesterday. Ann is only 23, but her friends call her “old soul” and they consult her all the time. She’s never done hypnosis before, but she said she knew her job on the Earth is to ‘increase the vibration level and raise the awareness of the Shift” - She literally used those words. I was curious: “Where did you learn those exact words? Did you read from books or did anyone tell you?” She simply said “I just knew.” She’s taking early childhood education and she’s very clear on what she wants - she wants to dedicate her life to care for mentally-challenged children. She’s curious about her past lives, and sensed she used to be an alien before.

Ann started her journey as a mermaid - She had a female body but with a tail instead of feet and she looked up to the bottom of a boat and wondered what life is like on land. A fisherman caught her and killed her. She cried over the short life and over that image of her dead body sinking into the dark abyss.

Then she floated into another life - Her subconscious memory seems ready to burst out. She went all over the place. I’m happy to just follow.

She was an orphan boy who lived in an orphanage. He silently watched how adults beat some of the kids with mental issues since they couldn’t stop crying. He had the strong desire to help them but couldn’t act on it. Throughout his whole life he was just busy surviving, and never had the chance to do anything to make a difference. How amazing that the career she chose for this life was rooted from her unfinished past life experience.

Then she said she had a heavy and dark feeling in her heart area, and it felt like a hand holding her heart. I asked her to go to the source of that feeling. She went to a life in which she was a young guy named Alex, who had black hair, beard and European descendant. He was in a war fighting for justice. Eventually he lost and the enemy killed him by stabbing him into his heart. She sensed that’s where the heavy feeling came from.

Next she floated to a white planet. She said it’s not from this universe, it’s from another universe. She was a white hairless creature with a big head and skinny body. They are highly advanced - they do star travel, communicate by vibration, their life span is around 2000 light years. She told me later - “I don’t even understand what light year means, it just came into my head.” About the name of the planet, she gave me the spell very slowly like she’s reading from somewhere: “ S-E-U-M”. Later on she volunteered to come to the Earth to help. But there’s a very long waiting list, and every volunteer has to reserve a spot. So she waited for a long time. When the time came, she went through a portal and descended to earth.

She’s fascinated by the experience on Earth, especially the rich emotions. She said:” I love them all - Angry, sad, envy, cry!” They don’t have those negative emotions in their planet, they only know happiness. After a very long life, that seems a bit boring to her. She’s also fascinated with trees and forest. They don’t have that either - their planet is all white. So I asked her what she would like to do to help Earth, she said it’s all in small details - Donating, planting and volunteering. She’s learning all the emotions and she just has to trust herself and understands that she is different from others and accepts that. Her story reminds me of what my mentor Lorna said - “Being a human is a huge spiritual challenge and gift , and it is not for the weak or faint-hearted.”

I’m learning from my clients all the time. Ann taught me that I should dearly cherish the chance to live on Earth and enjoy all the experiences since they are all part of us, and that is all life is.


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