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Dream Whisperer Series

Pandora's Box

John was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and bipolar , he also has drug problems. He came with his mother from a rehabilitation facility. John’s mother contacted me for a hypnosis session for John since she heard that hypnosis is an effective tool for psychosis treatment from TED Talk. She promised me over the phone that John is willing to try hypnosis and he is not aggressive either physically or verbally.

It sounds like a challenge to me. I’ve had quite a few clients with anxiety or depression. But Schizophrenia is totally something else. I’m too curious to turn down such an opportunity, so I told the mother that I will do an assessment with John first, to determine if my hypnosis could help him. I also allowed her to sit in for the session which is a rare exception, since I don’t have the slightest idea what his reaction will be.

Then it’s my research time. My Shamanic mentor Lorna Wilson reminded me that Dolores Cannon suggested against using QHHT on Schizophrenic patients. So no QHHT. I set up the plan for age regression, no past life stuff. Psychic surgeon Andy Porter said “Drugs both recreational and medical damage the etheric field and make us vulnerable to negative energies.” I sent out information to the mother for a spiritual cleansing and made a mental note to focus on drug problems. I also did some reading on psychologists’ work on psychosis patients from my hypnosis society’s library.

John looks like a decent young man, even a little bit timid. He said he wants to heal his inner child, although when we talked about his childhood, nothing that he can remember was significant besides being raised by single mother and he felt lonely all the time. Later on he got hooked with hard drugs. He was delusional and his mood swing high and low only after drug use. Somehow doctors diagnosed him as Schizophrenia. I talked about the possibility of drug induced negative spirits invasion. They both believed that could be the cause. John also mentioned that the people from the warehouse he worked before were from a cult group, and they worship Satan. That’s when his hallucination started.

The pretalk went very well, so we started the session. I brought him into his first impression about his childhood. He became a 4 yrs old, having fun playing with toys. A couple minutes into the picture, he stopped following me. He told me he saw 3 yellow triangles, then the triangles became 3 pyramids on a dessert with golden light shining through since it was covered by gold. He is a tall thin bald guy wearing robes and people around the pyramids are cheering at him since he won the war against Persian.

I didn’t mention a word about pyramid. No, this is not what I planned. I tried to bring him back. I fed him the image he just told me about that 4 yr old, and prompted him to keep going with the picture. Not working. He’s not leaving, “I’m still in the pyramid.” Looks like I have no choice but to follow him.

After he won the war, he received everything he wanted, fame, money, a woman he loved and she gave him 4 kids. He lived a prestigious life. So I asked him to go to the last day of his life. He said - “ I’m in a tomb.”

“No, no, no, not in the tomb yet. Go to the last day of your life, before you are buried.”

“I’m in a tomb.” He insisted.

“...Are you supposed to die on a bed?”

“...They buried me alive! My officers. They betrayed me and sealed me here. I feel thirsty and I’m so mad and so scared. I can’t find a way out.”

“Did you die there?”


“How do you feel?”

“I was betrayed. Shouldn’t trust so much.”

Things didn’t really go as I planned but somehow it’s even better. Through the higher self we found out that he has an attachment called “Red candle”, who feeds him the urge for drugs. I had a hard bargain with this red candle. We made a contract that he will release him from drugs in a year’s time. He had the epiphany that he is going to act as an example to free other addicts and he will be the leader of drug campaigns.

John went so deep that he barely remembered anything out of the trance. When I mentioned pyramid and red candle, he said he had them in his dreams all the time, then he asked "Did I have any trauma in my past life?" His mother told him " You were buried alive?" He was shocked. He said he knew he was talking but he has no idea what he was talking about.

I hope the session helped him from deep level and someday he's going to help others with his own experience.


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