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Dream Whisperer Series

Mortal Messenger

Ash is a super tall guy in his 60’s, north European descendent. He was referred by a friend since he’s an enthusiast of Dolores Cannon's books. He’s fascinated with the mystery of the Universe and wonders what his connection is with all of those and what he should do about life in general since he’s coming to the retirement age. He was also recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, which added some fatalistic urges on his way of soul exploration. Ash was very excited to try hypnosis. I had to warn him - No expectations. Because any expectations on our conscious mind level will interfere and therefore, limit our subconscious unfolding. What we can find in our subconscious memory is often beyond our conscious understanding, so you just have to let it go - Not thinking, but receiving. I got a feeling that we are going to have a really good time. He landed on a white land with white rocks. He’s dome shaped, and he felt he’s part of something bigger, some organic creature, and he’s lying on the ground quietly dying, and it’s a pleasant feeling like he’s happy to die. I asked him to rise up from the dome to see it more clearly. He said the creature has a big head and relatively smaller body, looks a little like a frog, and he is part of the creature, he said - “Now I see myself as an eye on him, you know the dome shaped eye. “ “Is that a giant frog?” I asked, “ No, not that big.” He holds his hands out like a meter apart to show me the size. “ I sense that he had done a lot in life… I can’t tell what , just know now it’s time to die in peace, and I’m good with it.” He was quiet for a while like he’s watching something inside, then sighed - ” Death is not that bad!” Next after the creature died, he rose up from that body and floated toward a tunnel. He thought the tunnel was too dark so he avoided it and floated outside in a much brighter and bigger space. After floating for a long time he realized he has a job to do, so he dropped down. And now he’s in the body of an Asian soldier, all armored with a sword in hand. the geographical location was around Mongolia. He’s marching toward some place or something alone with many other soldiers. He anticipated the coming battle and felt reluctant to kill people, so he meandered to the edge of the arrays and slowed down. Then all of sudden, he was hit by a sword from behind - His own people killed him for being cowardice. The last idea that came into his mind was - “I should be a medicine man. Unfortunately I didn’t do what I’m supposed to do and followed the wrong people against my best judgment. Now I will never have the chance to do that. “ Looking down at his decapitated body, he said: “It’s the same thing in this life again, I was always a coward, and I didn’t do what I was supposed to do again!” Tears ran down from his closed eyes. The soul spent quite a while drifting through a tunnel. He came to a place that looks like a school, where he met many acquainted souls. He said: “ I know them all, we hang together, talking about our lives just passed. All the good times and bad times. We are all learning in progress. None of us are perfect. Now we are at school together.” His conscious mind can’t help adding comments - “Most people went to a super beautiful grand looking place after death according to Dolores’s books. This place I came with is kind of plain, oh, well.” I laughed. “What do you learn at school?” I asked. “We learn lots of things, like how to cleanse ourselves, how to get rid of the bad energy… I like it. I like to hang on with friends. I’m in no hurry to go anywhere. “ Still a lot of work to do for this life, so I changed the topic. “Can you tell what’s the purpose for Ash in this lifetime?” “ The same as that life as a soldier! He needs to learn how to act on what he wants in life, not just following others. He failed last time, so he has to do it again!” Then his conscious commented - “Well, I think I didn’t do very well in this life either. The same pattern of procrastination and indecision. Well, the good thing is I know that I can do it all over again. I’m not afraid of death!” “ Do you know how many lifetimes you have been on this topic?” “I don’t know. But I know I have been on this for quite a while. Well, there’s no rush.” So I asked - “What caused the pattern? Feel your body, is there anything holding you up?” First he saw a chain, then he said it’s not a chain, it’s the root that grows from the earth. He was tied by the root all over his body, though he has grown comfortable with the root and somehow he felt supported by it. I tried to help him understand that the root is not part of him , it may have helped him when he was young but now he has grown out of it and doesn’t need its support anymore, and its existence hindered his freedom, so it’s time to let it go. He agreed so we released the root and filled the empty space with white light. Next I asked Ash to mentally scan his body, to check if there’s any shadows, dark or weak spots. He pointed something on his prostate area and left knee. We spent some time addressing the issues. He understood that cancer is a signal to nudge him to fulfill his life duties, and he made peace with whatever the result will be. Then we brought in white light again to cleanse all the shadows and dark spots. He had a very calm and peaceful look on his face after coming out of the trance. “Wow, that was interesting! “He said, “ I felt like I’m just imagining at the beginning, but as I went along, it didn’t feel like imagining anymore, that was ME!” He texted me the next day - “ I don’t feel pain on my left knee! It has been bothering me everyday for quite a while.” The subconscious mind doesn’t have direct communication with our conscious mind, so it sends signals to our bodies to warn us of something wrong, or something we should do that we haven’t done yet - the disease is the messenger. Once we receive the message and act on it, the messenger’s job is completed and in no need to exist anymore. That’s when our bodies are healed. 2021-09-14

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