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Life Challenges - Channeled message

Dr. Robert Schwartz's "Your soul's plan" and "Your soul's gift" are great books offer explanations from higher spiritual level about our life in general. Here I like to share a small piece in his second book "Your soul's gift" that was channeled from Jesus Christ by one of his mediums named Pamela Kribbe --

"Your greatest challenges are never about what other people do, but rather about how you respond. They are about whether you can accept, understand, and thus rise above the emotions that other’s actions cause inside you. Spiritual growth is not about you changing the world; it is about going within and changing yourself……

Life challenges bring you to the core of your soul’s mission, which is always to help you raise your awareness, release judgment, and create an ever wider space of compassion for yourself and others. The way in which the soul does this is different for each individual. Each soul creates the life path that offers the best possibility for experiencing the emotions it seeks to understand and make peace with.

Life challenges generally run counter to your hopes and expectations. Although your soul planned them, they often do not feel like they are supposed to happen. On the contrary, they baffle and bewilder you. To the human part of you, who likes to stay in control of life, these challenges almost always feel like they are not meant to be. They seem to be unexpected, unjust, and too difficult to cope with. They generally evoke resistance, fear, confusion, and a sense of powerlessness.

If you are in a deeply challenging situation right now and you feel confused, upset, or powerless, realize that this is the most fearful part of you speaking to you. The challenge makes you aware of fear that was already inside you in order for you to address it. The fear comes to you so that you can put an arm around it like you would with a frightened child. The purpose of life challenges is to heal your inner child. The part of you that responds emotionally to life challenges and easily feels betrayed, frightened, or alone. When you become aware that emotions are like children that need to be reassured and caressed, the challenge will bring out your true strength rather than your weakness. It will awaken the power to heal yourself.

That life challenges are planned by your soul does not mean that you are destined to experience all the fear and pain they might cause. You have free will. You can choose to overcome them. Instead of becoming suffocated by negative emotions, you can heal and transform your challenges. Ultimately, they are there to remind you of your greatness, not your smallness.

Just as you are not your physical body, you are also not your human emotions. You are instead the soul experiencing these emotional states. You are the conscious carrier of your emotions, and you can use your consciousness to approach the most difficult emotions with understanding and compassion rather than with fear and resistance.

If you look at your challenges in this light, you may even become aware, generally after some time has passed, that they have been extremely valuable teachers for you. You may even thank your soul for putting them in your life path. The state of thankfulness in your heart shows that you have really understood the meaning of a particular life challenge. The peace you now feel in regards to the experience will enable you to help people who face similar challenges. You are teaching by example. This is your soul's mission as well.

You are here on earth, not just to help yourself but also to make a contribution to humanity. Know that you are needed….. How do you recognize your contribution to humanity? How do you know what you are supposed to contribute? Understand that your contribution is never separate from your personal goals. The life challenges your face always lead you to the specific areas in which you can serve others. For instance, someone who lost a child and has gone through the intense mourning process this evokes may, if this is the soul’s mission, feel attracted to helping other parents deal with the loss of a child. The right people will cross their path to attract this kind of work to them, and as they do the work, they will feel joy and fulfillment even if they are among people who are dealing with intense grief, anger, or loneliness.

Your contribution to humanity has to do with what you love doing and would do naturally even if you were not paid for it. This may change over the course of your life. There is a natural tendency in human beings to want to pass on to others the knowledge they have acquired at the level of the heart, because when your heart is awakened, you more easily feel the connection between yourself and others, even humanity at large. If there is love in your heart, you will want to share your knowledge with others, because this will make you feel even more joyful and loving.

Often, the heart energy is awakened after going through a personal crisis. You have a saying, ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger.’ Life challenges seem to break you, but what they are actually intended to do is to break your self-created barriers of fear and judgment. If you allow crisis to purge these barriers, you invite a new consciousness into your life, one that will attract the right circumstances for you to fulfill your soul's mission.

At this point in history, it is time for humanity to ascend to a new level of consciousness. It is time for humans to recognize their Oneness, even if they are of different races, genders, or cultural backgrounds. This time is a time of crisis and opportunity. The crisis your world faces in economics and ecology are due to a lack of heart-based awareness in these areas. Both the interactions among humans and the interaction with nature are often seen in terms of profit and personal gain. This is ego-based consciousness. I do not judge this type of consciousness. It has served a purpose, as all expressions of consciousness do. It is now time, however, to raise above ego-based consciousness. Earth is calling out for humans to reinstate the natural harmony between all that lives on the planet. The spirit of humanity is called upon to heal the wounds that centuries of fear, struggle, and separation have caused. The crisis humanity is facing are to be solved, not by inventions of the mind like new technologies, but by the awakening of the heart, one human at a time.

You are alive today because your soul wants to help humanity ascend to heart-based consciousness. It is by going through your own challenges and finding the opportunity within them that you contribute most to humanity's well-being. Your contribution is not so much what you do as who you are. It is your awareness that makes a difference. As more of you invite heart-based consciousness into your lives, it becomes easier for others to make the transition to a new way of being: at peace with themselves, humanity and nature.

I call upon you to have faith. I tell you that you are not alone. You can face your life challenges and overcome them. You can be a teacher of heart-based consciousness and reach out to others in a way that feels joyful and fulfilling. Your life has meaning, and you are needed to make your unique contribution to the larger whole of which you are part. Recognize me as your brother and next of kin. I am here to help you, but I need your help as well. Join me, and let us together fulfill the old promise of a new Earth.

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