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Dream Whisperer Series

Indian Prince

I’ll call her Sherry. Sherry was an elegant Chinese lady in her 30’s. She came to me for better understanding about herself and her past life. She said mystery things happened around her all the time -

-Her blood type is O while her mother’s is AB, which means no way her mother is her biological mother. But she could never get an explanation from her parents.

-She called her twin sister “Energy vampire”. Their relationship was always very estranged not like typical twin sisters.

-She met some Indian monks during travel and they told her that she was an reincarnation from a high cast celebrity.

-She always feel she has a mission but no idea what is her mission. She has a decent boyfriend but she doesn't feel the connection.

-A large sized tumor found in her uterus 5 yrs ago when she was only in her 20’s.

Sherry was very intuitive - halfway through induction, she’s already shifted deep into the past life. She was a 16-yr-old boy named Krishna. Krishna lived a comfortable life in a beautiful palace surrounded by peacocks and oxen, loved by his parents and brother. His father was a prestigious king in a small kingdom. He fell in love with a princess and ran away with the princess right before the day she was supposed to marry with another king following her parents will. That irritated the neighbors king so bad that he started a war toward Krishna and his father’s territory. Many people died in the war. Krishna heard the curses toward him from the parents whose boys got killed in the war. Eventually Krishna won and he became the king and married the princess. Later the princess killed herself by drowning because he wanted to marry somebody else. He had many children with many women but he mourned his princess and he mourned the lost lives from the war. So he quitted everything and everybody and lived a secluded life in a cave deep in the mountains, until one day he was killed accidentally by a hunter’s arrow. He was still very young by the time of death.

In this life, the purpose of the soul is to experience - Experience love and hatred, experience war and suffering.

The soul went into the light and met Krishna’s father who ride on a golden elephant. He felt safe. They then went back home. Home is a place called Wakunta, with splendid colorful fall from upward. Everything around and everybody around is so great that the soul wonder why he wanted to go anywhere else. But at the same time, he realizes that if he never experienced voluntarily the negative part of the life, never experienced war and death and sadness, he wouldn’t appreciate home this much.

She - I confused myself whether to use he or she. She enjoyed Wakunta so much that I had a hard time to move her forward. So I started to ask questions. Her answers was quite intriguing-

- She did not have to answer the curse from the war victims families. But she chose to answer, and volunteered for a life without the true loved one as a pay back. I gently but insistently pushed her higher conscious to get an answer on if and how we can call off the contract. Eventually we got an answer that if she can go vegetarian then she can be free from the bonding.

- The parent were not her biological parent. But she needs this mother’s energy as her protection. So there’s a purpose for her to have this mother.

- She halted for quite a while to answer my questions about her twin sister. She said the twin sister was a clone from aliens, she called them “The Grey”. And her purpose is to deplete her energy. Exactly as she called her sister -Energy vampire. Regarding the solution, she said - no need to pay too much attention about it, just let it go.

- The tumor was the trigger for her spiritual awakening, just like many people got wake up calls from emotion traumas.

- Regarding the mission, she came here with many souls to wake people up, to help souls find their destiny, to increase the earth vibration. But she doesn’t like it here since so much low vibration people around and she hopes to go back soon. I helped her to understand that she has job to do for now and she will go when the time is right, as well as to help her finding ways to connect with like-minded souls. We all need a support system.

Came out of the trance, Sherry said now she finally connected all the missing pieces together.

I love to play puzzles.


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