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Dream Whisperer Series


Sal is a beautiful tiny dark-skinned girl. She stomped in my office and started to talk in a fast and high pitch voice. I can sense her nervous energy from a mile away. So I addressed that right away and purposely slowed down my voice to calm her down.

Sal said she’s always anxious, since very young as long as she can remember, although she couldn’t remember when and how it started. She’s anxious about everything. She gave me examples of talking to other people and swimming. She’s terrified of doing any of those. Her coping strategy was fighting back head on. She chose the job of salesperson after college and she learned how to swim. So I asked how she felt after her fights, she said: “Terrified!” She has tried many things but nothing can help her to relax, that’s why she came to me.

Sal has a boyfriend. Despite all her friends and family think the guy was not good for her, she also admitted that the guy took advantage of her financially, she just couldn’t let it go. When I said sometimes people stick together for the wrong reason, she said:” That’s me”. Apparently there’s some disagreement between her conscious thinking and subconscious mind.

She is a perfect hypnosis candidate - half way through induction she’s already there, as if her subconscious was ready to go. The picture of a little girl emerged, standing beside a swimming pool all by herself, her father and brother were far from her in the background. She was frozen staring at the water feeling terrified, her body was shaking and she couldn't breath. That must be the first time in her memory when she felt that way. I quickly brought her away from that scene and took her to the deeper subconscious memory in past life.

She was a young guy in a small boat. There’s another guy on the same boat who made her feel very uncomfortable. Looking farther nothing around but water. When I asked how he got into the boat, she couldn’t tell. So I brought her back earlier into that life. He was a young boy named Daniel. Daniel grew up in a loving family and married the girl he loved, and they had 2 boys. Then one day he got on a ship out into the sea. He wanted to explore the world and find a better way to make a living. He saw water everywhere inside the ship and people panicked crying for help. He and another guy grabbed a rescue boat and paddled away from the sinking ship. Next picture they were floating in the middle of the ocean. He was very thirsty. The other guy was grumpy and growling at him, and said it’s all his fault. They got into a fight, and the guy pushed him out of the boat. He didn’t know how to swim so he drowned.

I brought her looking down from top so she didn’t have to experience the moment of death. Once it passed, I can sense a shift in the air, and there’s a serene expression on her face which I see each time when a life just passes over in the hypnotic trance. That’s when she’s in her deepest theta brain waves, and that’s when I can communicate with her superconscious mind.

Her superconscious was very concise. When I asked about the life purpose for Sal and the connection with that past lifetime. She said she’s here to help others just like before. When I asked how, she said just be herself. When I asked what she should do with this boyfriend, she said stay away and love herself. I think it’s brilliant because only when you love yourself, you wouldn’t allow others take advantage of you; only when you love yourself, you wouldn’t allow yourself to be with someone for any reason other than love; only when you love yourself, you can value yourself higher and respect yourself more. When I asked how to deal with her anxiety, the superconscious said “She is safe”. So the key point is to dissociate the subconscious understanding of NOW with THEN - the experience of drowning. Her superconscious also suggested her to “Take care of herself better” and “Learn how to be alone”.

Coming out of the trance, she said :”I felt this immense sense of peace that I’ve never felt in my life. This is life changing!”

May she have a fulfilled life accompanied with peace and love!


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