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Dream Whisperer Series

Goddess' attendant

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Frank came to me a week after his girlfriend’s session. He is always curious about his past lives. Frank was told by a fortune teller before when he was very young that he was a boy servant for a Goddess. In Asian Buddhist folklore, the Goddess is always accompanied by two children. He never really believed it but he always knew that he’s somehow different. Frank is an over-achiever. His dad passed away when he’s 13, from then on he knew he had to take responsibility for himself. National level athlete, fitness champion, MBA and traveled around the world as a foreign affair officer in his 20s and early 30s, he has it all - strong physical, highly intelligent mental and worldwide view. He quit his job, which many people dream about, and moved to this part of the world for more opportunities. Now he’s a bit puzzled on what he should do next.

He also likes to know the karma with some people in his life - His father, who passed away so early; his mother, who’s being a role model to him and helped him on everything; his previous boss, who saved him multiple times when he needed a hand; and his girlfriend, who adores him and supports him in every way.

I was surprised to see he got into trance so fast since he's the typical analytical type. He dove into a past life right away: A logger named Peter. Peter has a simple and lonely life. He cut trees for a living. It's the early 20th century somewhere in North America. He had a chance to be a singer, which he desperately wanted so he could get out of this sleepy town. He had planned to go for an audition with his friend, who stood him up at the last minute. He decided not to go by himself, and he never made it. He spent the rest of his life regretting that decision everyday.

The rest of his life was working and working everyday until he died. The soul said: “ He missed the chance. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Once it’s missed he will never get it back again.”

Next he landed on a mountain top. He saw himself as a Chinese teenage boy named Qiu. Qiu was lying on a grass patch facing the blue sky just enjoying the Sunshine. There’s a church nearby. He cleaned the church in the morning so he got to sleep inside the church at night. All the rest of the day he just enjoyed lying around, staring into the sky, playing with his pet rabbit and pretty much doing nothing. There was a black-robbed Caucasian priest in the church who cared about him. He handed Qiu the book of Bible and asked him to read. He told Qiu that he is very special - If he could pay any attention to the religion, there's a chance that he could reach a very high position, possibly even the Pope. Qiu didn’t care, he’s not interested in all of that.

Qiu had a special talent - He could predict the future by simply putting his hand on top of someone’s head. This was around the 60s or 70s in a small town in south China. Many people heard and came to him for his talent. Qiu never charged those people, he didn’t care about money either.

He died from old age peacefully. He had foreseen his death and accepted it. His soul went back through the light tunnel and that’s the time when he finally met the Goddess. She’s showered with magnificent lights. She’s the Goddess of love. He knew instantly that he has always been with the Goddess, serving her and accompanying her is his heavenly duty. She welcomed him back and gently told him that he still has a lot of work to do for the trip since he was offered many options and he had chose the easy way. But she’ll give him another chance. He’ll get all the help he needs this time. His job on Earth is to learn self-discipline and help others with his abundance, intelligence and communication skills.

I asked his father’s soul to be present. He said: “ Yes, he is here.” It has been over 20 years and he misses him a lot. He tried hard to hold himself up but his voice choked and his eyes wet. I left him alone with his father for a short while, then I asked him: “ Can you ask your father why he left you so early when you were only 13?” .

”He said his job is done. It’s the opportunity for me to grow up to be a responsible adult.”

“So it’s all preset .”

“Yes, It’s a test for me.”

After he said farewell to his father, I asked if he could ask the Goddess some questions regarding his life. We got answers for every question clear and loud - The Goddess always treats him special since he’s her favorite. He was endowed with intelligence and opportunities. His mother was sent to help him and guide him, so as the previous boss, who he recognized was the priest in the church in Qiu’s life. “ My old boss is Chinese and the priest was white, but somehow their eyes look exactly the same.” He marveled. His girlfriend turned out to be that white rabbit, his loyal companion through life and death.

Everything and everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Nothing by accident. He said at the end, “Everything (that brought out during the session) made prefect sense to me.”

I still wanted to ask more about the mission part. So I turned to Frank’s Higher Mind. His Higher Mind told Frank to study religions - Same as last time as that boy Qiu when the priest handed him the Bible. The Higher Mind explained further by understanding and reconciling the differences between religions, he can help to promote world peace.

Later after Frank came out of the trance, he said he used to take 3 months to learn Buddhism, the knowledge he learned, he even memorized the important years and dates, enough for other people to spend 3 years. So we talked about with his knowledge and his willingness to learn, his communication skills and worldwide experience, there’s a lot of chance for him to make a difference. Think about how many wars in this world have been caused by religious reasons.

It seemed the picture was getting more and more clear. He has an unique role to play in this life, though it’s his own free will to choose which way to go, just like in the past life. I could tell he’s quite engaged and the Higher Mind told him that he’s already on the right track and he just need to be persistent and self-disciplined.

I trust this time he’ll make the right choice, to go on a longer and harder road. On that road he’s going to play a vital role in keeping the world at peace. He was smiling behind his closed eyes, understanding someday he’s going back to reunite with the beloved Goddess. Mission accomplished.

Jun, 11, 2023

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