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Dream Whisperer Series

Formulate emotions

Ari was a middle-aged engineer from South Asia. He’s dark, clean-cut, succinct and a little bit uptight. Ari had a dream when he was young - A triangular-shaped building with the background of dark brown sky, and he felt uneasy as he approached this place in an aircraft. He still remembered the dream clearly so that’s the first thing he told me. I thought maybe it was just another alien abduction story. 

Lately, Ari felt someone was trying to reach him, almost like daydreaming. He said it felt like a radio broadcast that was not in the right channel, and someone was trying to tune in. All he heard was white noise. He wondered what was that about.

Ari also told me about his family. When he met his wife at the beginning, she's not really his type. He said he tried but just couldn’t leave her. So eventually they got married and have two daughters. He got agitated easily so they fought constantly. That also frustrated him a lot. Regarding his physical condition, Ari had high blood pressure, diabetes, and also a congenital nose condition called deviated septum. His ferritin level was four times higher than normal level all his life, which doctors couldn't tell why.

Ari got into the trance nicely. He went through a life of a proud king in a small ancient Middle-East country. He's a brave warrior and a wise leader. He received great respect from his people by leading them to win many battles and bringing prosperity to his country. As he’s passing, the soul said the country was Afghanistan. The only regret he had for that life was that he never had daughters. It's interesting to think that he has two daughters in this life.

Passing through the light, he saw himself free floating in the dark space. Some fragment pieces flew by - like some planet got destroyed and broken down into pieces. He could even see some man-made structures on the surface of those pieces. The background was dark blue space. He kept floating around until he felt drawn to a bright orange planet with a wide belt. He said it was Sartan. He let himself go through the belt and landed on a platform. A robot with two big eyes came to welcome him and led him to a gigantic spaceship. He stood in front of the motherboard and pressed buttons. How come I felt like watching a Star War movie! So I asked if he was human or something else, he said he was human. 

By now he knew this was his ship, and he's the pilot on a test mission. He's an engineer - Same profession as he is now,  who built all kinds of aircrafts - Sometimes he has to do test runs destined to other planets. Flying aircrafts were everywhere in the air from their advanced technology - Small ones like cars for daily transportation and big ones doing inter-planet travels. I guided him to go back to his home base. He saw large mushroom-shaped buildings with lots of people dwelling inside. Each building was a community complex with humans and robots living together harmoniously. He had a family with a wife and two kids. He could feel the love connection between him and his wife. He looked into his wife’s eyes and said:” Yes, she is my wife. I’m still married to the same woman now.”  

I asked him to see into his dream - The triangular-shaped building and brown sky. He said that’s one of his test runs. It’s a long journey and he had to leave his family for a long time so he didn’t like this kind of job much. He landed on a planet with a dark brown sky and brown dusty ground. He saw the triangular man-made structures. He can breathe easily but there’s no trees or grass. So apparently my assumption was wrong - It’s not an alien abduction story. He had a fulfilled life and died at age 75.

Next, I asked him to focus on the white noise that always followed him, and try to get a sense of where it’s coming from. He said: “I know someone is trying to reach me... '' Slowly the idea became more and more clear. It’s a signal that was coming from a space station, which is a huge vessel, originated from another universe. It has traveled a long time across the universe for research purposes. He was born and grew up in that space station, he was an engineer (again!), then he was sent to earth with a mission, which had something to do with research, and now it's time for those people to contact him for his information.

I asked him about the people in that space station. He replied:” We are from another universe and our people look different with humans on Earth. We have long noses - Almost like elephant noses, our body is semi-transparent, and we are much taller. We communicate in a telepathic way. We are very advanced in technology. We like to explore different universes.” Slowly, he remembered his job - “We are intrigued with your people’s emotions, since that is something we don't have. So we want to know how that works, what is the mechanism of emotions? They sent me to earth to understand the mechanism of emotions so we can formulate them for ourselves…” 

I couldn’t help chuckling: “You want to ‘formulate’ emotions!”  

He’s quite serious: “Yes, that was the reason I came to Earth.”.  

“How that works out for you?” 

He replied: “I watched other people’s emotions, also experienced a lot myself, good or bad. And now they are trying to reach me.”

“What can you do about it? “

He said: “Nothing. I'll just have to wait until they find the right channel. I know eventually they will.” 

He also understood that his wife came to earth with him from the same place. She also volunteered to experience emotions and together they experienced both positive and the negative sides of emotions.

Consequently he understood his physical issues of diabetes and high blood pressure were caused by the tension and stress from his work and family issues. So I asked if he likes to do anything for his emotions. He said it's all part of the experience. To understand both him and his wife came here just to experience and his wife was his mate across many lifetimes would make him look at things from a new perspective. He said: “We will be okay.” Then I asked him about his nose problem, and he said: “Oh, In my home planet our noses are longer like elephants, and I didn't adapt very well when I came to earth, so I think I need to do a surgery.” I said: “Okay, It’s not a big surgery. So you will be fine.” He said yes. And regarding the ferritin level, he said: “Well, that is normal in my home planet.” So I guess some part of his biology still resembles the one from before. This is so amazing.

He also understood the reason why he was open to spirituality since he was young - He has been led to believe and get ready to connect with his mother planet. Otherwise with his engineer brain he could be in total denial and stuck here. 

Passing through time and space, I hope that someday, his soul will find its way home. 

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