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Dream Whisperer Series

Dream Catcher

Lan came to me for her dreams. She is a mature Asian lady. She has been to another hypnotherapist before but could not find what she’s looking for. For a long period of time Lan always had the same dream that she was in a room with an ocean view. The image of that room flashed back quite often during her waking hours made her wonder. She hoped that hypnosis could help to open the door to her dream.

She went into trance smoothly after the induction. I guided her back into her dream. It was a spacious house, her bedroom was upstairs with simple furniture. She was a young almost skinny girl, 16 years old, with two long blonde braids and pale skin. Most of the time she just sat beside her bed, watching through the window, dark blue ocean on one side, busy market and neighbours on the other side. Colorful houses built high and low around the hill, men wore white robes and hats, women had head scarves and pretty long skirts. “ Looks like somewhere in Mediterranean, maybe Turkey.” She said.

“Who else at home?” I asked

“There’s a maid. She helps with cooking and cleaning.”

“Nobody else? Where’s your parents?”

“My parents are always busy with their business. I don’t see them often.”

“So what do you do in your daily life?”

“ I sit here looking at the water.”

“What else?”

“Looking at the water…”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel sad.”


She frowned and tears welled from her eyes.

“I can’t go out.”

“Why not?”

“I’m ill. Tuberculosis. It’s contagious.”

Often times she’s in a panic mood to see the blood she coughed out while the maid girl looked at her sympathetically. She felt so helpless and sad. So many times she looked at the water over the window and thought about how she might die soon and all alone, and unreconciled about so many things that she was longing for but might never have a chance to experience. A 16 year old girl, imprinted so much emotions into that image of water over the window and carried over.

Eventually the disease consumed her. She looked down at her body skin and bones, with sorrow and compassion. She saw her parents standing beside her body and mom was crying with tears. They wrapped her with a blanket and buried her.

Came out of trance, she finally understood what that dream means - It’s an unreleased negative energy carried over from past life and stored in her subconscious mind. The force for that energy was so strong it became the Karma in her life and it needed a channel to release, so it showed in her dream again and again. Her understanding is the portal to release the Karma.

Lan reported she never had the dream again after the session.


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