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Dream Whisperer Series

Di's Spiritual Journey

Di has done several sessions with me. As an art student she is very intuitive and responsive. Each session we went into different scenarios and dealt with different layers of issues. This time she couldn’t wait to tell me - “I did something bad, I feel so ashamed and don’t know what to think.” Then she told me she was shoplifting impulsively in a grocery store. On the way back home she couldn’t hold herself to cry and after dropping her dad home, she drove half an hour back and returned what she had stolen from the store. She couldn’t understand her feelings besides shame. So I said - “Let’s see what we can get from this.” Since she’s familiar with QHHT, I did all freestyle - just go with the flow. Pretty soon she’s already floating in the air. Then I remembered in her last session, after the past life, she became a small light ball and joined a big light ball. I didn’t get a chance to explore more in the soul state since I guided her to join the embryo in her mother’s womb to understand her abandonment issue. That was a good session, but now maybe it’s a chance to try another approach. She became the small light ball again - as part of the big light ball, they travel through the universe, going through many many planets, one is all blue with ice, another is golden polygon shape, one has pink trees and purple water. Another is all dark red with wolf-like creatures. They bring lights to many places. There are intelligent beings in the air, but no actual bodies. Then she decided - “I don’t want to just watch, I want to experience it by myself.” She separated from the big light ball and joined a little boy’s body in a planet with higher intelligence than earth. The result was the little boy grew up to become a scoundrel, a gangster, he fell for someone but it’s too late to change, he died all alone and full of remorse. Tears started to flow. So I ask “ What did you do to be a bad guy?” She said ” I don’t know! I just know it’s all bad and life was such a waste.” By now she realized it was a mistake to go solo - the little light ball is not ready yet. So she went back to the big light ball again, for about 10,000 years. Eventually she’s ready. The big ball released her to the earth, she was a bit scared to be the villain again so she tiptoed all these lives. By now after several hundred years on earth her color is transitioning from blue to golden, and she started to shine light to others. Eventually she knew that when the color became all golden, she’s going back home, to reunite with the big light ball, that is her eternal home. At the end she told me now she understood why she was reacting so strongly to the shoplifting - because that little light ball has sworn that she will never intentionally do anything bad, never be a scoundrel again. I can sense her golden light shining on me. Jun, 23, 2021

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