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Dream Whisperer Series

Create Beauty

She wanted to find her motivation and her direction in life. She's been a housewife for almost 20 years since she got married and raised two kids under her husband's support. As kids grew older, now she felt a bit at loss on what’s next. She’s hoping hypnosis could help her to find her passion and direction in life.

During the pretalk I asked about what she liked to do when she was a kid. She said she enjoyed painting and photography, but never did anything toward either since her parents failed to see any value in being an artist. Later on she became an engineer following her parent’s wishes, which she had no interest whatsoever, which also led to her eagerness to not have to work for so many years. 

In the trance she went through some childhood experiences about her emotional repression due to the controlling parents. I did Shamanic Hypnosis to retrieve her soul energy back from childhood traumas. Then I was trying to lead her for womb experience. She’s reluctant to go back to the womb, and said, “I don’t want to go into water. It’s scary!” 

It’s interesting since I never had any issues with womb experience with other clients. So I asked her to go back in time to the root cause of fear of water. As expected, she went back to a lifetime when she drowned in a lake. 

She was a young Asian girl who grew up in a big wealthy family. She had beautiful elegant long dresses. She’s been well taken care of physically. Nobody talked to her or expected anything from her. She liked her walk to her favorite lake everyday since that’s the only place she could find some peace and quiet time. One day she tripped and slipped into the lake by accident and drowned. 

As the soul left the body, she mourned for a short life and abrupt ending. As the soul went up into the light, her mood started to change, she said:” I saw her sitting there, smiling and pointing something to me… It’s a lantern, with beautiful paintings on the hood… She keeps pointing it at me…”


“Did she make this herself?” I asked.

“Yes, she seems quite proud of it.” 

“What’s that mean to her?” I asked. 

“I think she liked to work with her hands, and she’s really good at that. But her family was totally dismissive since they were rich and rich people don’t work, especially with hands. So she never had a chance to express her artistic talent…”

“Sit with her, and feel what she is trying to tell you?”

“She’s telling me… Don’t waste your gift. You have the gift to create beauty, just like me. This time don’t waste it!” 

“So what does that tell you?” 

“Create beauty! That is my passion, that was always my passion. I had so many ideas about making things with my hands - I love designing, I love drawing, I love photography… “

I can feel her passion. As the conversation went on and on, more details emerged from the deep subconscious mind. Came out of the trance, she was so excited and feeling ready to explore her endeavor for the next stage of her life. 

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