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Dream Whisperer Series


He’s a big Indian guy, he laughs a lot, and he has an Indian name that sounds similar to happy, so everybody calls him Happy. Lately, somehow Happy lost joy in his own successful business. He felt some kind of blockage. Also he’s depressed about the girlfriend who's been with him for 7 years just left him. He explained she has abandonment issues and couldn’t stand his constant business trips and workaholic lifestyle. 

Happy got into the deep trance nicely. He saw himself as a young Caucasian guy walking in the woods with a beautiful blond girl. They were in love. Next they were married, had a loving family, and a young boy. He’s a journalist named Jeremy. He wrote for the local newspaper. They lived in Chicago in the early 1920’s or 30’s. Next moment he was getting ready to go for a trip. The wife and kid tried to stop him. But he was compelled to go. He wanted to write about the war that was just breaking out in another country. So he went, and he died in the war zone by a bomb. Life is cut short.

As the soul raised up, he felt a deep regret for his choice and profound sadness to his wife and kid. Kept going into the light, he met his spiritual guide. The spiritual guide asked him not to be too sad since the result is unavoidable - It doesn’t matter what he did or didn’t do, the result would be the same, since it’s prearranged for their growth. The pain would help his wife and kid’s growth. The guide said some of the actions are meant to be and if it’s meant to be then all the actions will lead to the same result - This one is one of them. While some are not, if it’s not, then different choices will lead to different results. I asked how to know which is which. He said you just don’t know. 

Next he went into another past life. This was a beautiful place in East Asia - He said either Japan or Korea. He had light yellow skin and oriental face. He saw snowy mountains and four seasons. A nice family - Beautiful wife, three kids and a grandma. He’s also very close to his brother who’s some kind of political leader. One evening, he’s going to attend his brother’s meeting and his wife was strongly against it. Apparently this meeting served some significant purpose to his brother so he’s compelled to go. He went and was assassinated with his brother by an oppositional party. Upon leaving the body, so much of him didn’t want to part with his family. The soul felt so guilty and sad to leave the responsibility of taking care of kids to his wife. This time he met with the guide again once he ascended into the light, and he was told this time is his choice - He could choose differently and the result could be completely different. 

Looking back to this life, Happy said, the wives in both past lives was the same one as the girlfriend who just left him. Now he felt her pain that was caused by him. Each time he left her for his trips, she felt abandoned, felt she would never see him again - The same feeling from both past lives. The pain was so strong that she would rather leave him than feel it again and again. He said it’s not about love - The love has always been there. It’s about she couldn’t stand the pain of losing him again. He also understood why she couldn’t commit to having kids - Since she saw what her kids had been through in the past and she hated to let any kids go through that again. He also has to face his own pain. The guide said the separation is necessary for him, so he can take some time alone to think. Now he understands he should learn the balance between life and work. Next time he should choose her instead of his own compulsion. He knows she will be back with him eventually. 

The spiritual guide seems quite eager to talk with no need for any prompt. Next I asked about the blockage for Happy’s work. He said in both past lives after he died from sudden death, the soul had a strong guilty feeling toward his choices to follow his compulsion instead of his wife, and the same kind of compulsion is still driving him, therefore, the soul created a scenario that he’s very successful at work, but constantly feels guilty about working too much. In a sense that the work itself has become a punishment for him. No wonder he didn’t feel any joy from his achievements. He needs to reset his relationships with work and between work and family. He also understands that by making different choices this time, he will heal himself from his guilty feeling and the pain caused from it. By healing himself, he will help his girlfriend’s healing too. To heal himself is to heal her. Everything and everyone is all connected.

The last thing that his guide asked him to do is to love himself. Self-love is to have compassion to one self. Love can conquer everything. The guide wanted him to know that the purpose is not to get anywhere or achieve anything in human’s term - The purpose is healing. To the end, everything will be revealed. 

To the end, everything will be revealed. 

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