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Dream Whisperer Series

Alien abduction

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

J is the youngest QHHT client I’ve ever had - He’s “almost” 16 years old as he told me. He’s also my first case of “Alien abduction”.

J came to my office with his mother. He’s always interested in past life memories so he found me on the Internet. He was also frustrated about why he couldn’t speak up - He could respond, but never initiate any conversations.

I love to hypnotize younger clients - It’s so much easier to get them into the trance. It took me only one hour to go through the whole QHHT session including 2 past lives with him.

J went through a short past life and died in the war. Upon death, the soul went into the light, through the tunnel and landed on a riverside. He became a 12 yr old black girl - she’s an orphan and she’s deaf. She got on the only boat along the river and the boat took her to a place with many strange-looking people. He said “ They don’t look human. Their heads look like fish, and their skin texture is very strange. “ These fish head people were very curious about her. They locked her up in a glass room and poked her around to investigate. Eventually they cut her into pieces and she died. He was tearing and his face twisted from agony. That was not a pleasant experience. Maybe that’s the reason why his subconscious was calling for an explanation or better understanding at such a young age. The speaking issue is directly related to his being deaf in past life.

Very interesting session.

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