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Dream Whisperer Series


Updated: Mar 23, 2022

He is a successful businessman who owns a construction company. He’s all tattooed and very alpha-male type. Not my typical kind of client. Yet he has self-esteem issues and always second-guess himself. He also has a spiritual guide, not an image but a real person. He was led to my Quantum Healing session by his spiritual guide.

It’s fascinating to read his email forwarded from his spiritual guide regarding his past lives - He’s always the leader or rescuer among his people. Though I warned him not to bring any expectations into our session, since from my experience, the subconscious mind will always take you to where you are supposed to go, but may not be where you want to go. Any expectation will jeopardize the energy flow freely.

It’s quite enjoyable for me to hypnotize a good meditator. He got into deep trance right away. He’s an orphan in the early 19 century, somewhere in Central America. His dad died in the war when he’s just an infant and mom passed away soon from disease. He survived on the street with no education and no adult support. Then he grew up becoming a well-known environmentalist with his passion for nature. He helped tribe people to connect with the outside world. He surveyed and recorded many unknown animal species. No family or children, he died knowing that he made a difference in this world.

Since he went quite deep in the trance, I was able to guide him to have a glimpse of the afterworld - The guides are the people he loves in this life. The beautiful kingdom and happy people surrounding him made him feel at home. Then he realized that his job was not done yet. He only achieved part of his job, which is to help the planet. He needs to come back again.

His Higher Self told him that he’s on the right track - He just has to trust himself, trust people around, trust things will go the way it is supposed to go without his control or interference. The Higher Self mentioned several times about TRUST, so apparently it is crucial to him. I imprinted that into his conscious mind with an anchor, so next time when he second-guesses himself, the word TRUST will spontaneously pop up into his mind.

It sounds contradictory to ask a businessman to trust and lose control since control is praised and also a necessity in the business world. But we are talking about different layers of the brain - what we are dealing with here is the subconscious mind - the “monkey brain”. To trust and lose control will set that monkey brain free so the energy can be allowed to flow freely. The conscious mind works on a different level with logic and it will be only more clear without monkey brain’s interference.

He texted me the next day - “My Higher Self continued to speak to me last night and I heard a female voice in the middle of the night. The connection we made yesterday to my Higher Self will hopefully stay more open moving forward so I can check in easier and more often. ”

I believe he will make a difference again this time, and we are all the beneficiaries. Wish there were more people like him in this world.

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