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Higher-Self connection

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I had an interesting session yesterday. The client has mild postpartum depression. She was fascinated with how to connect with Higher Self and searched all over the Internet. That’s where she found QHHT and me. She handed me a long list of the questions that she would like to get answers from her Higher Self.

Judging by her enthusiasm I anticipated some good stories. So it’s a surprise for me that she couldn’t “see” anything, no light, no feeling, no movement, just all blank. I tried more deepening with breathing method, nothing, I tried everything second time, still nothing. She vaguely got an idea that she has long legs and she “hops” a lot. But then next second nothing again.

I felt amused instead of frustrated since for years I haven’t had any clients who don’t receive any images with my long pretalk. So I tried to bring her into her own childhood memory. Going down age by age, she stopped by age 8 and couldn’t remember anything younger than that. She also felt perplexed - “How come I don’t have any memories from my childhood?”

By now it’s over an hour passed since she got into trance and she’s pretty deep. Then she told me she had a sharp headache, from one ear to another. She held her head with one hand and said she never had this kind of headache before. I asked what that headache feels like, and she said “ It feels like I shouldn’t know the things from the past, and you shouldn’t ask. I was blocked.” She was tearing.

I realized it’s not about what we did or didn’t do, it’s about her. It’s just not the right time for her to know and I have been pushing too hard. So I said: “Okay, no more memories, let’s just relax, take deep breaths. It’s all good. “ Then I asked if her Higher Self would like to answer some questions, and she said :” I think I got an answer yes!” So I started to ask the questions on her list. She answered all the questions smoothly by “ I feel it said….” ,or “ I got the image of…..” . Her father passed away years ago and she wanted to know where her father is now. She got the image of a vast space of the universe.

Coming out of the trance, her headache receded in 10 minutes. She’s amazed by the answers she received from her Higher Self.

Learn something new everyday.

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