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Dream Whisperer Series

Message from Wheelchair

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I have this client last week who's feeling anxious. The career she loved was put in a pause by COVID so she felt lost direction.

We went back to a time in which she’s a guy named Kevin. When he was young Kevin lived a good life with his parents who owned a big farm. Everything seemed so easy for him - Married the woman he loved, kids, profitable business. In his forties he just stopped working and enjoyed life. Then the picture came as he was sick, and he sat in a wheelchair. I asked what happened. She said both of his knees had problems so he just couldn’t walk anymore. For over twenty years he sat in the wheelchair, gradually becoming sullen and grumpy. The wife’s patience wore thin. Kids left. He hated himself to become a burden, and felt lonely since nobody understood him. Death was a welcome release at the end.

I was a bit surprised to hear the soul’s explanation: “He’s capable of doing a lot more things in his life. But he just gave up and didn’t do what he was supposed to do! He failed to complete his life's purpose. “ Then the Higher Self showed to her that this is the same task to her life - a test for her to learn how to overcome obstacles and accomplish her life purpose. She came out and felt a clear understanding of what she needs to do next.

I checked back Dolores’ class notes about leg problems. It said: “Not going in the right direction, or holding back on what you should be doing. “ Here’s one more testimonial.

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