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Dream Whisperer Series

Alien Volunteer 2

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

It has been a year since I heard from Mag again. Over WeChat she told me that she spent about half of the past year in China, wandering around alone by herself. There was still anxiety, sometimes quite intense. She didn’t feel well grounded. She said the "big sea creature" was getting closer to her. So we scheduled another hypnosis session. She also told me that our last hypnotic prophecy had been fulfilled - Now she’s on her way to be an artist.

Still bearing that avant-garde look, short hair dyed into blonde, slightly more seasoned than last I saw her a year ago. I was almost dumbfounded to hear about what she did for the past year — Road trip in Tibet by herself on a motorbike; door-to-door deliver marijuana in Dali and got caught by police, spent days in jail; writing letters for the descendants of exiled Chinese for a fee while on a bus at Myanmar border; selling her paintings on street in Sichuan; two popular online books, her near-death experience... She was only 18 years old! She also told me that she had been admitted to the best art college here and will start next year. Since our last session, her relationship with her mother has improved significantly, and now they are friends. She said: “I feel like we can be friends as long as I don't treat her as my mother, but as a girlfriend who likes to have a good time, enjoy good food, and just be a playmate.” She was way too mature beyond her own age.

Mag also mentioned once she felt dizzy all of sudden and passed out on the street close to her home. She woke up in an ER and had no idea what was going on. I asked her about the "Sea creature". She pulled up her sleeves and showed me a big tattoo taking over her whole upper right arm, a little like a long jellyfish, with three faces on the cap. The jellyfish looks like a long-legged person with a big hat. She said this is the thing that had always accompanied her, and sometimes it could be quite ill-tempered.

It didn’t take too long for her to switch into deep trance - Still the same bloody alien war scene as last time, and all her friends transmuted into different sea creatures. They fought together and died together, they trusted each other with their lives. She saw herself killed in the battlefield, burnt in the fire. As her soul rose from the dead body, broke away from the spiritual matrix, she was murmuring: “ I want a home. “ Her words spilled out very slowly, her voice was low and deep as it came from afar, drifting and ethereal.

"What kind of home?" I asked

"A home with no words, no spouse, only love, all act as one."

"Like what your previous home used to be?"


“Where are you going now?”

"Blue planet."

"Is it Earth?"

"I think so."

“Why Earth?”

"Looking for my family. They're all scattered on Earth."

"How do you feel about the earth?"



“People don't know how to love. They have potential, but they're heading the wrong way, and by going this way they'll bury the fragments deeper and deeper. They can't get back to the way we used to be in Ar...Te…Lan...Tis.. "The name was spit out with great effort.

I was awestruck, “Is Atlantis the name of your home planet, where you came from? "

"Yes... It’s timeless, I had three lifetimes there..."

She told me she had never heard the name Atlantis before afterward. I had this epiphany that maybe the legendary long-lost underwater city Atlantis never existed on Earth, but the memories of another lost planet, that was brought to the Earth by the memories from many people like Mag. Can’t help but wonder how many legends - People, sites or stories in ancient history, were not originated from Earth, but from many memory recalls from another time and space.

I switched the subject and took her back to the day when she passed out on the street. She cringed: “My head hurts so bad. The frequency of this street is wrong. Whole clusters of different frequencies clashed here.

"Why is that?"

“The Earth is shifting. In some places the shift can be quite messed up. This street is one of them.”

“Is that the cause of your headache?”

"It is one of them. There is also the feeling of helplessness. I feel that I can't do anything about it.”

“Is this helplessness the cause of your anxiety?”

“More than that. I’m also frustrated on how to express this love. People are weird. I don't understand them. ”

"What about them make you feel weird?"

“They don't understand me. They think I'm weird. To me, human love is like...Petty favors. They don't have the kind of big LOVE that can bring change. “She kept going: "I feel that people are so greedy, and desperate. They are isolated and separated from others. They don't understand that we are all connected."

“What will happen if things keep like this?”

"Split up... just like where I came from before."

"Is there any way to show this big LOVE?"

"Humans have gone too far, too many rules and regulations. They kind of deadlocked this big LOVE."

"Are you saying that rules and regulations are the obstacles to big LOVE?"

"Yes, many people are afraid to put themselves out there to love."

"Is that what you're worried about?"

"Yes, I am too weak to change anything."

I tried to bring more help: "I believe part of you is still connected to that spiritual matrix. Feel her energy with your heart and mind, and listen to what she has to say?"

“She said ‘don’t think too much, just do whatever you can.’ ”

“Great. You can only do whatever you can do, right? ”

“ Right.”

I kept going: "I would like to ask the spiritual matrix, why does Mag have trouble grounding herself? How does that affect her?"

"It's not good, because that shows she is not balanced. She's not in the water world anymore. She could go fluttery under the sea in her previous world, but not here."

"What can she do to ground herself?"

"Accept herself, accept her body, accept her desires and demands as a human being. Don't cling to the past. The past has gone."

I moved on to the next topic, "Now I would like to talk to Mag’s friend who looks like a jellyfish with three faces. Is he there?"

"Yes, he’s here, with eyes closed."

"What's his name, please?"

"Wo...ze… Sorry, I don't know how to say his name."

"What should I call him?"

"His name means‘ Thread ‘, like the needle and thread." Very strange name.

“Why’ Thread’? Is there any meaning for it?”

“He was doing shadow work in our underwater world. He was the one who connected us to our shadows.” No clue what she was talking about. Mag said she had no idea what “shadow work” was either.

“I'd like to ask Thread, why is he with Mag? To protect her? Friend or company? Or something else? "

“Mag needed him, so he came. He was to remind her of her life in the water world and her mission to Earth. He was changing the way she feels and thinks. He thinks she has become too human... "

I couldn't help laughing, “I don't know if it is good for Mag. She wants to accept her physical body and make herself better grounded in the Earth. But now Thread wants to remind her not to be too human?”

She thought for a moment, "Remember that she came from the bottom of the ocean, died at the bottom of the ocean, and use these damages as power to help humans."

"So these memories can be transformed into strength to help humans. Is that right?"

“This is our gift and this is what Thread came here for.”

“So Thread is here to remind Mag who she was and what she has done before, right?”

“Yes, Mag is too weak and sometimes lazy. He’s here to remind her what she was like as a warrior. Despite the peace here, she is only taking refuge. Besides she can still smell blood in this peaceful world.”

"So if Thread came here to protect Mag, why did he get so angry sometimes? "

“It depends on what Mag thinks, and Thread is just doing what Thread does the best as always. Maybe it’s just about the acceptance of your human brain. ”

"I got it. Thread was just trying to help. If Mag decides to accept it, she has to accept who he is ."

“She has decided to accept him. She gave herself to him.” Judging by the tattoo she had on her arm, I know she already made up her mind.

I went on, "I wanted to ask the spiritual matrix: Mag often feels anxious. What should she do about it?"

"Keep her feelings shut!" She said promptly.

“Well, I don’t know if we should ignore our feelings.”

"Those overly sensitive people are not fit to be on Earth." She said word by word, as if reading from an awkward book, "Her feelings are the feelings of water, not of soil. Too much of those will stop her from eating or sleeping well."

"So she’s not well adapted here.”

“That's right.”

“So what should she do?”

"Open her heart to others. Pay attention to the balance - Balance between water and soil. Too much water will lead to anxiety, and too much soil will make her feel heavy and depressed. It’s not an easy balance to make."

“How can she reach this balance?”

"Go to the edge.”

“What kind of place is the edge? You mean where the water meets the soil? "

"Or where the two countries meet, borders or countrysides .

“So that is where she should go in the future, is that right?”

"Yes, but not in this country."

"Where is it?"

“Thailand, Southeast Asia.”

“Why there?”

“The first biggest shift in frequencies, there are things for her to see.”

"What kind of shift?"

“It’s the first major, collective and metaphysical transformation in frequencies on the planet.”

I was stunned. I have always been drawn to Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. Now suddenly I feel like it's a calling.

“So does that mean she should go to Southeast Asia?”

"Yes, but not for now. She’s here to pick up weapons for the war. There is no bloodshed. It's a war about frequency, ascension and love..."

"So her time here is to learn, so she can arm herself, is that right?"

"She’s also here to develop a dream, which is unknown to the human consciousness. Everyone will have the same dream, but totally forget about it the very next day."

"What is the dream about?"


“What does it change?

“Everything. It changes the memories.”

“Why do memories need to be changed?”

"Forgive the bad, and embrace the good. Bring out the most ancient memories, and reconnect with the planet."

She kept going: “Forgive hatred, anxiety, irritability, and embrace passion, love, and balanced lives. Stop bullying the planet. Southeast Asia did much better in that regard. ”

“Can dreams change people’s memories, thoughts and ideas?”

"This is what Thread is doing. He has been working on that since he’s at the bottom of the ocean."

Now I understand what Shadow Work means.

“So not only Thread is helping you, you're also helping him for his job, right?”

“That's right.”

"I would think there should be more people on the job besides you and Thread?"

“A lot of people have their own Thread. We're all working on this together.”

“Thread is to remind us that we should be more kind to the planet. Maybe one day, with the collective efforts from human kind, we will revive this planet and make it our true homestead.”

"That’s the day I’ll leave."


"The job is done."

“Where are you going?”

"Return to the stars, abandon form, give myself to the matrix... I'm not afraid to become one with love again..."

The air in the room became still, so was her expression. It seemed even time was frozen at that moment. Only her voice drifted in the air floating far far away beyond time and space.

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