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Dream Whisperer Series

Alien Volunteer

Mag looks like a rebellious girl, with tattoos all over her body, five big and small rings on her ears and nose. She speaks English with a British accent fluently with her newly-met blond boyfriend, but asked me to hypnotize her in Chinese. I asked her what language she used at home. She said that her family is a minority located in Chinese side of Mongolia. She used to communicate in Manchu at home and studied English at an international school. Because her home was close to Russia border, she also speaks Mongolian and Russian. I can't help but marvel at her language ability. Although she doesn't have any religion, she believes that she has a past life since childhood, so she wants to know why the relationship between her and her mother is so bad. Her mother gave birth to her at the age of 17. Her mother had many psychological problems. She felt that her mother seemed to be absent, sometimes even hostile to her. Unable to feel her mother's love, Mag lived out of the house at a young age and wandered around the world. Now it seems that the only connection between them is the source of money. Mag quickly entered the trance state, and the picture of distant memories gradually became clear in her mind - She was standing on a black beach with green water beside it, not really like the earth. She was very nervous and felt that some soldiers were chasing her. Those who were chasing her were not humans, but long yellow-green creatures, she said: "Like big shrimps!" The reason she was chased was because she killed someone. Her body was stained with purple blood. I guided her to look at her body. She told me that she had a bulging, long blue and green body with a tail. There are many tentacles and transformable armor. The armor is her weapon. She has some companions who fight together with her. They all look different. Many of them have died in the war. She saw a friend who had lost an eye. They communicate with each other telepathically. They don’t need language, she said: "It's not particularly detailed, but I know what the other person is thinking when I look at him." I asked her if she had a name, and she said, "We don't need a name, we are all one, we have a common spiritual matrix." I asked her if she was underwater since she looked like a sea creature. She said yes, they have two forms. They could go on land, but the land has been destroyed by the enemy, and the beaches have turned black. The black beach is poisonous, so they can’t go. The reason for the war is to compete for certain technology. She also felt that she had brought someone from her family to the war, but this person had already died in the war, and she regretted it when she thought of it. She wanted to find their common spiritual mother, which was a big purple creature like a jellyfish, but it was too late, the spiritual mother was dead. I asked her how it ended, and she said: "We failed. I can't feel the other companions. I'm dead. I died in a container like a big flask. My blood is purple. I feel lighter and lighter. I know I'm dead, but still something left...I lost my body, lost my family, lost my ability, my mind is splitting, split into fragments..." Her words floated in mid-air like a reverberating echo. “ What’s next? Then where did you go? " I kept asking, "Then I became a part of a large complex, but I can still feel the existence of me. I have become very small, I can feel that my other family member is here, I feel I need to be responsible to her, so I have always followed her." "Where did you go with her?" "This is a different galaxy. We landed on a big blue planet, like the earth... it may be the earth. She was born first, and I arrived later. Time on earth is a lot slower, so we have been separated by more than ten years." "What is your birthplace?" "There is a garden with railings... Mom is very beautiful, fair complexion." "Is the mother you saw your current mother?" "...Yes, and she is not just my mother, she is the one I have been following... She seems to be part of me, and then separated from me, I took her to the battlefield, and finally she got killed. So she hates me, she can't forgive me... She was already defective when she came to this planet, and I was also defective, but I am in better shape than her, so I want to help her..." "Can you help her?" "Not yet, because she doesn't listen to me, and she is still hurting others." "Can you try your previous way of communication with telepathy, and see if she can hear you?" She was still for half a minute, and then said: "Yes, I can communicate with her in this way, and I will try to help her." I continue to ask: "How do you feel about the earth?" "I don't like it, it's too primal here!" "What do you mean by primal? Are you talking about technology?" "No, it's the people. People here are still at an early stage of evolution. They are selfish and cowardly. They don’t connect their minds together and they don’t want to connect with each other. Although they all live together, they can’t feel each other." "They don't understand that everyone is part of the community, right?" "Yes, we are all connected to each other, we are all one. I saw that most of the people are shattered and broken. Many people around me have only half of a soul. I don't know why. It's a bit like fragments, broken up and scattered on this planet. " "Do you feel your soul is complete?" "No, but my mind is complete. I don’t have those abilities I had before." "Then what is your mission here?" "I want to help my mother, and others, make the earth a better place to live." "How can you do this?" "I have to learn not to be selfish. I used to be selfish and hurt my loved one, who is my mother. I want to learn to love to a greater degree. Everyone on my original planet is one, so there is no need to connect. It is needed here. Love can help to connect each other. " "So there needs to be more love here, right?" "There is also compassion and tolerance." "Then love, compassion, and tolerance connect us together, right?" "Yes.” "What can we do to bring more compassion, tolerance and love to the earth?" "Forgive others, and forgive yourself." "What else should we do?" "Don't escape the coming crisis! Because most of the humans here have not been fully evolved, there’s a consequence for that... Most humans on this planet don’t feel the energy and love from the universe, and they don’t understand each other. That’s why they suffer. Let them feel how bad the hatred toward each other is and how bad it is not to be forgiven, so they can learn Love." "Only by experiencing bad things can you understand what is good." "Yes, we have to learn by feeling it. Everything will be fine after the crisis. "So for Mag, what should she do now?" "She should forgive herself. She killed people on the battlefield in the past, and destroyed a lot of things during the war. She also caused the death of her loved one. She has been blaming herself. She won’t stay here for too long, this is not her home, and she will go back when she finishes her mission..." I'm speechless: "...You want to bring sympathy, tolerance and love to this place, can you also have sympathy, tolerance and love for yourself?" "I will try." "Looking to the future, can you see what your future is like?" "I see I found other people who fought together in the past, as well as families in the past. We are all wandering on the earth, living in fragments, so scattered that it is almost unrecognizable. But I still recognize them. Some of them are my lover and family, and more are friends. Together, we help make the earth better and make ourselves more complete. She brought reality together and said: "I have recognized someone. We are very good friends now. Despite the fact that we are far apart, I can feel him." She continued: "I think I am going to make some achievements. I can see I am an artist. I study literature, study different cultures and languages, study film art..." Finally, I asked about her relationship with her mother, "You said that your mother was originally a part of you, so can you still be restored as one?" She answered me: "Yes, if she can forgive me and return to the matrix with me, we can still be one, and then I will be complete." I have the image before my eyes of many fragmented people walking around like zombies, looking for the lost part of the soul without knowing what they were looking for. In Shamanism, humans are inherently complete. Any setbacks, accidents, physical illnesses or mental traumas in life will cause a part of the soul to split. This part of the soul is separated from the body in order to protect the host, while it also weakens its own energy. There are many setbacks and traumas in our lives. Birth itself is a trauma. You can tell by watching a new-born cry his heart out. We are all defectives, we are all damaged goods. So we spend our whole life searching for the lost part of soul, trying to make ourselves whole again. Maybe in the process of searching, you hit walls everywhere and make yourself even more defective and exhaust all the energy. Maybe one day you wake up and discover the true meaning of life, and discover that miracles are so close, it could happen any moment.. 2021-09

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