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Dream Whisperer Series

A Cosmic Lecturer

I recently watched a session recording from an experienced American QHHT practitioner Suzanne Spooner on Youtube. It’s an end-of-life session since the client was in her end stage of cancer. The client went into a very deep trance and described her meeting with divine beings during the soul stage. I was very impressed and would like to share a small part here. If you are interested to see more, here’s the link-

It’s semi transparent. I am energetically different. I'm not like I am. I would appear in 3D Earth. They were at a higher frequency.

They're putting a special energy. We are sitting at this round table. It's weather-beaten, and It’s putting some lights almost like a spiral of lights, like a cone in the air.

SS: Tell me more about that. As you look at it.

She says it's just to focus on me. It's to help me focus on the questions I want to ask, and set my energy. She says you're right, you have one foot in heaven and one on Earth . Two of us are in higher energy planes and she's just there metaphorically to ground us. Like she's not really there. But we'll check about that.

SS: Okay, how does that feel? Is that spiral of energy helping you to focus?

It’s making me feel alive actually. It's calming some of the pain a little bit. I can feel the energy coming down to me. I'm just absorbing it and feeling it. They're just setting the stage.

SS: What do you think they're setting the stage for?

For more people to join? So you know, they're just like, making sure my energetic level and my pain is in control enough that I can do this.

SS: Yes, they're doing a great job, aren’t they? What happens next?

Well, they said they want to invite the Hive mind. The Hive mind is my highest self and several of my guides. You think of the Borg, that's a hive mind. This is a Hive mind based on love. So they want to join us and they have things to say before you ask any questions.

SS: Perfect. We'd love for them to say everything they need to.

So Nick is taking my right hand and Carla is taking my left so I'm just like, you know I think people use to hold hands, right? So just holding hands like this and, I can’t see the Hive mind in front of me, it's just their way of visually, so I can focus on it. It's not really there.

SS: Okay. What is it like?

It's like looking at a billion at one points of lights that are coruscating. You know that colors of lights and they're all within this huge conglomerate of lights, it's constantly flashing and they say it was just the way to get my attention, haha. Like that didn't happen. She goes, you're not ready to see, you cannot see with your eyes what a Hive mind might really look like in heaven. So we're just giving you something to look at. You can look at it without blinding your eyes and you know, you're comfortable with it and it looks pretty.

SS: It's beautiful. And what do they wish to share with you?

So first of all, they want to thank me for having this life which sounds very strange. You know, people do not really truly understand to have a human life at 3D frequency on Earth, tough life especially you know, what a sacrifice that is. You know, most people on earth don't really understand the nature of the universe, the energetic matrix or what it is, you know, and even those that do. This is not like the analogy. Sometimes it's being like, I'm going to the cinema. I'm going to watch a movie. I'm going to play one of those roles on stage. This is way harder. By a million, million, million fold and the emotions and the pain and the joy and the laughter is not something that can be reproduced on stage. So in a sense, it takes great courage to come to this level and actually play a role, play a part of adult life. So we are grateful that people do that, that we can actually take a part of the soul and make it happen. That's the first thing.

The second thing is acknowledging that our viewpoints in heaven are different to those on earth. In Earth, you know, you are so grounded, most of you. And yet, a lot of the time you go through these terrible things. I mean, physical pain, mental pain, anguish, deep, deep, deep emotions. Yet, that is really only a very small slice of what this life really is about. One of the wonderful things that we see at the end of this life is our perspectives, different perspectives, love and interactions the way she helped people. You know, she focuses sometimes on - “Did I do a lot of terrible things”? There is no such thing as terrible. There is only the beauty and the pain side by side each, meaningless without the other. You cannot have one without the other. So in a sense, beauty by itself or pain by itself is meaningless. You have to put everything together. The emotions, you know, the joyce, the love in a relationship, the caring, you know, there's always this balance of things, you know, it's sometimes we just tend to focus at an earthly level on the bad things, you know - “Did I get this wrong? Did I really hurt her? Did I really raise my kids wrong?” You know, things like that. And you have to see all of that. So at the end of the life she is going to see all of it literally in every single interaction she's had on this plane. Every single person, and animal, you know.

The third thing I would say is during this process where she is looking at all these interactions, she will also understand intrinsically, she's doing the best she can with the resources that she has, the memory she has, and the experience. It's like you get to be old on this planet at 90, 100 years old even, look back with more wisdom. So you look at something you did 50,60 years ago, and you think “my god, I really screwed that up. “ You know, it was so bad. But think about to what you went through, who you were, what you were like at that age. You did not have that wisdom, you did not have that understanding. And if you did, and you mastered it, what would be the point? It's like you start, you are born, you die, during that period, you are learning things. So everything to begin with. What will be the point of having the experience in the first place? Is something we've actually explained to her many times and she understands this now, but it's important for you, I think in your work, which you will know if you knew everything that was going to happen to you, if you knew everything that was possible, so like that. Why would you even bother, Right? It's like, I say, if you knew the outcome, why am I gonna do this, where’s the surprise, where’s the interest! You know, if I knew all the answers, what would be the point of trying to learn something if I already knew all about it. So we sense we have to cloak this life with mystery, we call it the Veil, that there are many, many terms for it. And she started piercing the veil in the last maybe 10,12 years of her life. And she's finally starting to see a different perspective. And now she's finally understanding she cannot judge who she was when she was 20 years old, when she was doing something in the same way that she’ll be judged what she was doing when she’s 40 or 50, even 60 years old, because she hadn't got that experience. It's like, sometimes you have to be really naïve, to go through something to learn something. Or you take it in stages. You learn the first step, and then the second and the third and the fourth and the fifth until you learn the lesson. So as she starts to get to the point in the end of her life, of understanding all these different perspectives, don’t be so harsh. We've said this many times. Think of the bad things - Bad things have to happen with the good, This is deliberately a planet of fear, a planet of imperfection. There is nobody wandering around on this planet is perfect. That's the whole point. If it were, it wouldn't be 3D. It would be 4 or 5D or 7, much higher frequency plane. So that's the first thing or maybe the fifth or sixth thing that she needs to understand in this context. This is all about relative things. You know, your famous scientist Einstein’s relativity, talked about relativity and time. We're talking about relativity here and experience. That's an analogous argument that you can make. So it's important to not be hard on yourself. A lot of people when they pass over from this plane to the next plane understand that finally. It's a harsh lesson for them at the end of life to think, why I was so hard on myself, and why did I focus on the bad things, why did I not see the balance of things? There are many cultures in this planetary system that you have that have this balance. For example, in China, they call that Chi, you know, it's a balance of life. There is always good and bad. There's always the sour and sweet. So it's the two that make up the whole or multiple, you know, and achieving a balance is really what it's all about. If one could achieve a perfect balance in life. In many cultures, many people work towards us. That's a good thing. But that said, it's always fun to deliberately upset the applecart to disturb the balance here, and watch the person or the spirit go through the experience of coming back to the center of things. And a lot of times in life, you know, you're motoring along, everything is fine. And then we throw you out the defense, you know, and you go into shock and you start flailing around and you look for things you shout at people you scream at the things, those just the things that you are supposed to do at the human level.

Most of you just flounder for a long time and you know, you don't even know what you're looking for. But there are some people that understand I've been thrown out the deep end. I just need to find my balance again. And once you have spirits with high attainment, you can see that very quickly. Alright, that was clever, they threw me out to defend. Now I have to focus on getting into the bounce, you know, and it might be some particular balance or point in their life and they will get back to where they were. But it's the process in which they get to that rebalancing, how they feel about things, their emotions, What are they feeling as they go through this thing. Am I mad that I got thrown at this deep end? Oh, hell yes, I was. It was a nice life. Now I got to swim back to the point where I was or maybe I am not. Maybe what I really need to do is my new balance is different than the old balance because I've learned something. I’m this process of rebalancing, I actually got to see something I've never seen before. I got to see this interaction, I got to experience this love, this emotion. I really liked that I learned from that. So you could think of things as life is a series of moments of balance and rebalance. And so it goes on until finally you pass it over and come back home. So think of your life in this way. Going through a lot of rebalancing. You've gone through a lot of learning, you've learned a lot of lessons. We understand there are things that you want to do before you can come home or want to come home. So what we've done is constructed this Hive mind. You know we are your friends who are part of a soul. We're always here for you, we love you unconditionally. We want to be able to advise you to our best knowledge or anything that she wants to do before you can come home. But bear in mind, there are some limitations. It's like you don't have 30,40 years on this planet. You don't have that kind of time. And some of the things that you might want to do might seem that there are a lot of different options, things that you could do that maybe just one or two of those options are the ones that will be most meaningful. Life is full of options. You've seen that, we've shown you that. In truth of the matter, we often say and often said in the spiritual world, there are millions of different pathways. That's absolutely true. But yet, typically, there's only a few that really, really matter. You know, you might come to these points in your life, where you make these tough decisions. So like there are 5 or hundreds of different kinds of answers that really, really matter. Maybe only two or three of them matter, maybe there’s only one that really matters and it is the one in which you are choosing pure love and how many of you do that in this climate? Not so many. Because it's the harshest decision of all. It should be the easiest, but this is the whole point. This is a planet of fear.

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