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Dream Whisperer Series

Choices for lives

She’s a beautiful Asian lady. She’s also entrepreneurial and passionate about her career. Though she’s struggling with both relationships and business. Life was a series of turbulent battles and she wonders why it’s so hard.

She’s also curious how I got so many 5-star reviews on Google. So far I have over 70 5-stars and counting. Anyone who’s climbing that mountain knows it sometimes could feel like a real mountain. I call myself a star collector.

I started by asking what she wants in her relationship. She said she needs a partner who could support her both financially and emotionally. But she tried many times in vain. She explained to me right away that she has a father who has satisfied her every material needs since young and she expects her future partner to have the same quality. Then she murmured apologetically, “Deep down I blame myself for sounding like a gold-digger.” I sensed the feeling of incongruity and pointed it out to her. The universe will answer your prayers as long as you know exactly what you want and don’t fight against it.

Then the trance started. She went into a life where she’s a run-away bride. A blonde girl from a poor family was forced to marry up to a rich man who she couldn’t even remember what he looked like. At the wedding she ran away with her lover and lived a frugal life in the woods happily ever after. For this life she said the lesson she learned was - “Follow whatever your heart desires!”

Then followed the next life - A guy who’s born from a rich Asian family, she said he wore a long purple silky robe, either Korean or Japanese. He was in the woods and wondered what’s on the other side but eventually scared to go any further. He met his parents' expectations to take over the family business and married the girl they asked him to marry. But life had no passion and he’s very depressed. On his deathbed he regretted deeply that he was controlled by fear all his life.

It’s so brilliant that her subconscious showed her the options that she could have in this life and their consequences in such a direct way! “Follow your heart”. Her Higher Mind showed her a picture that she’s working with someone she loves side by side, so it seems the support that could come from a partner is more on the career side. As long as she is clear on what she wants, she will have a successful career as well as the love of her life, and they come together as a package.

She said the session felt like someone just pressed a reset button on her.

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