Past-Life Regression

Why Past-Life Regression

Do you feel like you have unexplained fears that you’re unable to root in the history of the life you’re living?

Do you feel as if you still have unanswered questions — a constant nagging and a sense that, in spite of it all, there’s still something that you’re not quite “getting?”

Perhaps you experience anxiety, depression, or physical pain that no one can seem to diagnose?

If so, then you might  get some answer from

past life regression.

Consciously or subconsciously, you bring your past experiences and your Past Life experiences to your present life. The more you understand your past, the more empowered you become to develop  your highest potential.

Accessing your past lives can give you new direction, increase your perspective and help you to understand yourself better. 

Fear of Death. Seeing for yourself that you have lived  other lives, and that your soul continues on to other incarnations, dissolves the fear of death.

Past Life Regression has a great value of healing in your current life. It clears blocks, removes fears, problems, past patterns and can heal your physical, emotional and mental body, as well your energetic body. Once old energies are cleared, you experience profound benefits to your body, mind and spirit, which will function from a lighter, more elevated level.

You see that all paths bring awareness, you recognize that some life challenges are not punishment, but an experience for your progress. 

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The Benefits of Regression Therapy

  • A Boost to your Mental Health

An astounding 60% of people say that they feel stressed out at least three days every week. In many cases, the things that we fear the most are connected to traumas that happened to us in our past lives. Many of us deal with phobias we feel we “can’t explain” or “don’t understand.”

And while traditional counseling can help, sometimes, it doesn’t get to the true root of the problem. When you confront these past life events directly — even learning how you passed away or circumstances that caused you grief and stress — you can finally move on from them.

Don’t let past life mental health issues and traumas impact the life you’re living now.

  • Increased Self Awareness

Past life regression also helps you to get to know yourself better — and to stop the constant, harsh judgments that you so often put upon yourself.

You’ll finally be able to let go of the things that were holding you back, but you’ll also feel lots of self-love and self-worth for the incredible strength you showed in your past lives.

You’ll learn how to look at challenges in new ways, you’ll be able to let go of the things that were stopping you from being happy, and most of all, you’ll be able to truly appreciate what you have now.

You might even notice that, after your regression session, you seem to be able to think much more clearly!

This is because you’re allowing the perspectives from your past lives to inform the decisions you make in the present. You’re putting into practice the things you learned through past experience.

Once you understand yourself better, you’ll also be able to strengthen your relationship with the people around you.

Past life therapy is especially effective in helping you develop a sense of empathy for the troubles of others. Once you understand the kinds of things you’ve lived through and dealt with in a past life, you’ll be much more receptive to the emotions and reactions of others.

  • Your Spirituality will Blossom

A fear of dying isn’t at all uncommon — but often, it comes from what’s really a fear of the unknown.

Past life regression will help to end that fear of the unknown.

You’ll understand that there are always people waiting on the other side to help you in both life and death. You may even be able to speak with friends and family members who have passed onto the other world in the process!

Above all, regression therapy does a wonderful job of centering and focusing you spiritually.

Especially if you currently feel out of touch with your spiritual life, this is one of the greatest gifts of all.

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